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Milwaukee woman hit by car in front of bar; suffers brain damage | News

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Milwaukee woman hit by car in front of bar; suffers brain damage

A Milwaukee woman is in the hospital with traumatic injuries after being hit by a car while leaving a bar. The incident took place in August, and the victim's mother says she still doesn't know what happened.

37-year-old Lori Bean is making small improvements, but is far from recovered. She spent two weeks in the Intensive Care Unit, and is recovering at Froedtert Hospital. Doctors had to remove part of her skull.

Bean's memory is now shaky, and so is her speech. She can't remember the accident that put her in the hospital. Bean's mother, Lucille Ball, wants to find answers for her daughter.

Bean was struck by a car on Sunday August 21st. She was walking out of the People's Lounge on 34th and Burleigh, shortly after bar close.

Police were called to the scene for reports of a female thrown over a vehicle.

Ball says, "We're always gonna love her no matter what. We're always gonna be there for her, but somebody's gotta talk about this here."

Bean plans to leave the hospital with her mom and 14-year-old daughter next week, but the road ahead won't be easy. Ball says, "It's not just all the things that come with a brain injury. It's also being afraid that she accidentally falls or something, and she should actually die from that."

Bean also suffered fractures to her pelvis and ribs, along with lacerations to her arm and spleen. Her family did ask her to be a part of our story, but she said she's just too emotional. Milwaukee police say the case is still open.


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